L86 FOTA process

I have reviewed the GNSS FOTA guide that is linked on the L86 info page (GNSS_FOTA_User_Guide_V1.0). This document does not provide information on how the module handles failures to complete the firmware download. What happens to the module if errors occur during the process? For example if the data is interrupted or does not complete during the “CMD_WriteData” phase of the process. Does the module have a recoverory? Does the module continue to function using the previous version of firmware?

Hi Mharvey,

  1. Generally, if errors occur during the process, we suggest to reboot module and start FOTA again from beginning.
  2. If errors occur in steps CMD_START/CMD_WRITE, module could recover by itself generally.
    But if errors occur from steps 2.3-2.7, module couldn’t recover otherwise we start FOTA procedure from beginning.