L80-M39 Quectel

Dear Quectel team,
We are currently using L80 M-39 GPS module. We can get GPS location in outdoor with/ without antenna. But indoor we couldn’t get any GPS location. We also tried to get GPS location indoor using antenna. How to solve this problem? or Please suggest any better module apart from L80-39 for work indoor?
Thank You and best regards.

Hi Kentan Kasar,

GNSS module does not support working indoors. You may need a LTE module which supports Queclocator function.

QuecLocator® is an efficient location technology developed by Quectel. It enhances and complements
stand-alone GNSS performance by integrating information of mobile network cells and that of Wi-Fi
access points (APs) particularly in challenging environments, such as in urban canyons, indoor areas,
enclosed park houses or when GNSS signals are jammed or intermittent. For more details, visit
Quectel IoT Portal.

Best regards.

Thank you for the mail.
Does LC86GLAMD support QuecLocator®?
or suggest some any other module for the same.

Best regards.

Hi Ketan Kasar,

LC86G does not support QuecLocator.
LTE Standard models support QuecLocator, like EC200U, EG915U etc. . Please contant with a sale to get more information.

Best regards.