L76 Raw (Communication) Data

Hi :slightly_smiling_face:
I recently bought an L76 Evaluation Board, Sadly i had pretty much other stuff going on so i did not have the time to test the device yet.
A main problem that came up in my plans, ist the use of Satellite raw data.

So, is there a way to read the actual communication data between the “chip” and those satellites in orbit?
Or is everything been preprocessed and only the ‘user-ready’ data is available?

Wish you all a pleasant Thu Fri,

No, raw data is not supported in L76, only the “user-ready” data is available, could you tell me why you need raw data?

Hi. We plan to use as least 2 GNSS chips- If we could read the raw data we would just need 2 sattelites each.
In sum we would have 4 and could calculate the position.