L76 module naming and I/O voltage - L76L-M33

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I was wondering if someone can point me to “the definitive guide” to the L76 product variants and I/O voltages. I am confused with the difference between L76, L76-L, L76-L (L) and the actual part naming / part numbers and hence the relative I/O voltages.

For instance, the part number: L76L-M33 : Q1-A2257 - It also says L76-L on there but is this a 2.8v I/O or a 1.8v I/O? I received some sample boards from a third party - and I am struggling to communicate via UART. I suspect it is caused by the I/O voltage requirements as same test-code functions with another non-Quectel module (and I have tried all the baud rates related).


Hi Ta90,

The difference between L76 and L76-L is that L76-L has an extra LNA.

The difference between L76-L and L76-L(L) is that L76-L(L) I/O voltage is lower than L76-L.

I will send you related documents via message.

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Hi Raphael-Q,

Thank you very much for your response!

What I am struggling with is the part number relating to similar naming of different parts. Part number as inscribed on the chip itself is:

L76L-M33 Q1-A2257

Which part does this reference? L76-L or L76-L (L) ? Most of the datasheets with other manufacturers have a “decoding” table to match the part number with a part type, but as I cannot find any information online about the L76-L (L) - and my assumption of this part (L76L-M33) being 2.8v I/O and not communicating, I thought it best to triple check!


ps: thank you very much for the datasheet PDFs :slight_smile: Much appreciated!

Hi Ta90,

L76L-M33 is L76-L. And L76LL-M33 is L76-L(L). Please don’t worry about the ordering code, we make distinctions.

From Quectel_L76&L76-L_Hardware_Design_V3.2.pdf document, we can see L76-L and L76-L(L) don’t have much difference except for I/O voltage. The performance of both 2 models are the same.

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Hi RaphaelQ,

Thank you very much for this - then I will need to get the oscilloscope to find out why it isn’t talking to me! I thought it was a voltage issue - I shall investigate!

Thank you very much for your help and time!

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Hi Ta90,

We will take your advice and modify our documents.

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