L76 - How to use EASY Technology?

With EASY function enabled, the L76 will calculate and predict orbit information automatically up to 3 days to speed up positioning. The EASY function is enabled by default in L76.

After 3 days, what should I do to keep the information inside L76 up-to-date for EASY function?

My application need to put the L76 into backup mode frequently for power saving. How to know if EASY function is ready or not?

Hi Kiku,

1.Module need 5 mins at least to download predict orbit data from satellites after getting fixed.
After 3 days, please wait for 5 mins after module gets fixed, module will save new predict orbit information automatically.
2. EASY is enabled by default, and should be working when pin 6 V_BCKP(backup power) is on always and NMEA output frequency should be 1Hz.

Hi Sammy,

Instead of counting the number of days after position get fixed, can I use “Packet Type: 869 PMTK_EASY_ENABLE” to check the EASY function status? If EASY function is enabled and is not finished, wait until EASY function has finished before entering backup mode.

Hi Kiku,

Yes, you could use MTK869 command to check EASY status.
To query if EASY is enabled or disabled, use
If EASY is disabled, the receiver returns
If EASY is enabled and is not finished yet, the receiver may returns
If EASY is enabled and is finished 1-day extension, the receiver may returns
If EASY is enabled and is finished 2-day extension, the receiver may returns
If EASY is enabled and is finished 3-day extension, the receiver may returns

Can I confirm, with the EASY function enabled on the L76, the orbit information and Ephemeris Data for A-GPS functionality is obtained automatically? Is the Ephemeris Data obtained by the L76, or does it need to be periodically uploaded to the chip in order for it to start its orbit calculation and prediction process?

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Please refer to below ticket, thank you.

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Dear Burton.Peng

I have requested more information following the conversation I read through on that ticket - hence I replied to the same ticket with a question. As such, referring me to what I was asking about doesn’t help! Please could you offer some advice about my specific question, if you have any?


Dear Wilkins Sq,
With EASY enabled, the L76 automatically calculate the next 3 days orbit of current visible satellites. When there are new satellites visible, the L76 will automatically calculate and update the EASY data stored in NVRAM. It doesn’t need any manual operation.

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