L76, GNSS Search mode problem

Hi, im want use three systems (gps, glonass and galileo) but the current position data comes with a long delay. Why is this happening?

Dear Sir

Please help provide the following information:

  1. Firmware version; query via $PQVERNO, R*3F instruction.
  2. Test the log and explain how long the delay is.
  3. If GPS+GLONASS, is there no delay problem?

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Dear Sir

  1. What is your firmware version? You can query through this command: $PQVERNO,R*3F
  2. How long will the output be delayed? Can you add a timestamp to the front of the output nmea statement? Then provide some logs.

Hi, firmware response:


Yes, when I use GPS + Glonass it doesn’t happen. The position is refreshed approximately every second. We are talking about delays of the order of 5-6 seconds. The position is traded with a delay. when I stop, I wait 5-6 seconds for the item to reach its destination.

My actual start sentences:

Set speed threshold to 0:


Enable GPS, Glonass, Galileo:


Enable EasyTM:


Enable SBAS:


Enable PQEPE:


Is this configuration correct? should I know anything else? What could be the cause of such delays?

I have the speed threshold set to 0, is it possible when I use GPS, GLONASS + GALILEGO with the PMTK386.0 setting not active? From what I have seen, this is probably the reason.

Dear Sir
Sorry for the late reply.
PTMK386 is to set the speed threshold of static navigation, it should have nothing to do with your description of dynamic phenomena.
But you can try to test and verify without setting PMTK386.
In addition, please provide log with system timestamp.

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