L76 EASY calculation while charging my device?

I want to use the EASY functionality on the L76 in an extremely energy limited scenario.
Is it possible to choose the time when the EASY function pre-calculates the ephemeris?
My idea was to do the energy intensive EASY calculation while the device is charging. It therefore would have to use the ephemeris stored in the backup-SRAM of the device, since usually no fix can be acquired while the device is charging in a house.
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Hi PfannenHans,

EASY function only works when VCC is being charged.
What is your scenario? Are you changring your VCC partly from UPS and partly from a battery?

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Hi Meiji,

thanks for your reply.
My initial description was maybe a bit misleading.
The scenario is a battery powered device, which gets charged periodically.
The size and weight of the device is limited so no power can be spared while the device is only powered via the battery.
On the other hand when the device gets charged plenty of energy is available, since the charging time is not critical.
My idea was to pre-calculate the EASY-assistance data, while the battery gets charged and enough energy is available, so the device will have a lower TTFF and use less energy while it is only powered by battery.
After reading some more documentation, I think the EPO-assistance might be a better fit for this application.

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