L70RL and date problem in RMC sentence

We have several of our units that fit an L70RL module. Recently we have problems with the received date in the RMC command.

Between September and October the date in the RMC string appears to be about 20 years behind (2003).

Could it be a rollover?

If so, what solutions can we adopt since it is a ROM model?
Can we check the firmware version to understand if it is a rollover and how to manage it?

Thank you, Daniele

Hi Daniele,

According to the interval records, L70-RL’s rollover is expected to appear in 2030. Could you please send me a log via MESSAGE which records the date problem? We will check if it is a rollover or not and help you solve it ASAP.

Best regards.

Dear Raphael, thanks for reply
We have discovered a issue in our application and so the L70 sentence is correct

Sorry for wrong alert

Rgrds / Daniele\