L50 patch problem

i have more L50 modules, they are running, but the number of satellites has been low, since April 2019.
I received information about the weeks counter problem.
i found an update opportunity here:

I follow the patch description but I always get an error message.
can someone help me?

********START OF LOG SESSION *********
Log File Logs.txt Opened

------CSR GSD ROM Patch Application------------
------Version: 3.2, Date: 11/11/2015------------

PatchMgr Input Configuration :
UART COM4 115200 OSP 115200 FALSE GSD4e_4.1.2_P1_RPATCH_10.pd2 Logs.txt
------Opening COM Port-----

COM Port Open at 115200 baudrate(SUCCESS)
Protocol: OSP

------Setup And Verify Communication with Rx-----
Trying At BaudRate = 115200
Trial 1
Initial Commn Established…(SUCCESS)

------Handling Power Mode -----
Trying To Get Receiver Power Mode Parameters
Polling NAV
Retry Polling NAV
Continuous power enabled
MaxAcqTime = 120000 ms; MaxOffTime = 30000 ms

Receiver Started in FULL POWR MODE

------Process, Load and Apply Patch-----
Only ARM patches exist in the input patch file

------Load ARM patch file-----
CRC passed! Calc CRC = 0x2d6b3af3, PD2 CRC = 0x2d6b3af3
Overlay Section CRC = 0x28d7f104
Non-Overlay Section CRC = 0x470de711
Error 14: PM prompt msg not compatible with Rx
OSP: State machine recovery
Error 14: Did not receive PMPrompt response

------Restoring Initial Power Mode Settings of Rx-----
Rx Started in FULL POWR, No POWR Mode Changes Required

------Restoring Initial Comm Settings of Rx-----
Initial Settings of Receiver Restored
COM Port Closed

Summary: FAILURE - Patch load was not successful. Error Code 14.

*********END OF LOG SESSION **********

Dear Sir,

1.Could you provide me the patch or document that you mentioned?
2. You said the number of satellites has been low, pls provide your test environment, and your antenna’s datasheet for reference, And make sure that you put antenna pointing to open sky wo any shield, otherwise that may influence the GNSS signal strength.