L26-M33 as lap timer

Hi all,
I build a lap timer (for motorcycle) by L26-M33 module. In this moment the setting is:

  • Bound rate : 57600
  • Update rate 5Hz.
  • NMEA Output Messages : RMC + GGA

The module works fine, but I would like to try improve the fix and precisione (Europe).
On datasheet is present the possibility to use DGPS ($PMTK301). Could it improves accuracy? How do I use It?


Dear Sir
This feature is enabled by default. Thank you!

The lap timer can be improved by the way given at http://servodrivesrepair.com/ and it will also improve the accuracy. Hope this helps you. Thanks.

Thanks for your reply.
I don’t understand where there is the explain about improvement accuracy. Could you show the paragraph?