L26-DR GNSS - messages returned by the module after or before reset?

Hi, the L26-DR GNSS Protocol Specification says, for example:

This command configures the Assisted GPS. The setting can only take effect by issuing the saving
command (i.e. $PSTMSAVEPAR) and, then, resetting the system (through $PSTMSRR). Once saved,
the configurations will persist even after a power cycling.

If no error occurs, the following message will be returned: $PSTMCFGAGPSOK*
In case of errors, this error message is returned: $PSTMCFGAGPSERROR*

so, when do we receive these messages of ERROR or OK, after or before resetting the module?


Normally, the module will return soon.

Please help provide L26-DR version information through this query command “$PSTMGETPAR,1500”.

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Normally, the module will return soon.

what means soon?, I can´t perform that test now because I don´t have the module yet

Within 1s.
I think it would be better to test and verify after you have the module.
In addition, resetting the module generally requires the command to be sent successfully.

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