L26-DR GNSS - is the dead reckoning calibration optional?

Hi, what if I don´t calibrate the DR in the module? does the module still generate the positioning and speed data or would be a no valid data?, for example, in the GSV NMEA message, the GPSQual parameter would be 0, 1, or 2?

the L26-DR Application Note page 25 says:
" It is important to note that the hybrid GNSS/DR navigation mode will not be entered until a valid calibration becomes available. Prior to that point, only GNSS-standalone navigation will be provided."

but how to know when the module is in hybrid mode or standalone?



  1. Yes, before the calibration is completed, only GNSS independent navigation will be provided, and positioning information will be output normally.
  2. Monitor the calibration status through $PSTMDRCAL. If it has been fully calibrated, it means to enter the GNSS/DR hybrid navigation mode.

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