L26-DR GNSS - Dead Reckoning re-Calibration Procedure

Hi, the L26-DR Application Note page 25 says we should perform a procedure to calibrate the DR, I want to use the UART speed mode so as I understand the module calibration should start after sending the $PSTMSETPAR and $PSTMDRSENMSG (this each 10Hz minimum), but what if I want to recalibrate the DR?, should I erase the NVM? or stop sending the commands mentioned before and start sending them again to start the calibration mode?


The note on page 25 of the document states that if you send the configuration command $PSTMSETPAR, then save it to the NVM through the $PSTMSAVEPAR command and restart to take effect.
If you want to recalibrate, there is no need to resend $PSTMSETPAR.
Regarding how to recalibrate the module, I need to confirm and reply to you.

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