Sometimes my L26-DL device only dumps the PSTMANTENNASTATUS message. I can resolve the issue by resetting the PC, but I would like to find a solution without having to reset it. Since it’s an embedded device, I don’t have control over the PC. I’m asking because if there’s an easier way, I’d like to apply it.

Example output:


Hi C0derX,

Please confirm the firmware you are using by sending $PSTMGETPAR,1500

What’s the possibility that problem occur? Generally, the module outputs NMEA data(more than ANTENNASTATUS) after powered up. Please connect to TXD pin using USB to TTL and confirm if TXD outputs as same as PC or MCU shows.

I can see incompleted data in your PSTMANTENNASTATUS log. What’s the module baud rate? Can you also provide me your settings on L26-DR module?

Best regards.

How should I sent this message? Does the following code work? I tried but could not any response

echo -ne "$PSTMGETPAR,1500*27\x13\x10" > /dev/ttymxc4

The problem occurs oftenly. Module integrated to PC board. So I can not disassemble.

Module baud rate is 115200. Actually I do not know which settings are in use with module. Is there a way to I can found?

I also want to ask that the sentences