L26-DR ADR - what is the RTC domain power consumption?

Hi, I am doing some tests with the backup battery of the L26 DR ADR module, according to L26-DR_Hardware_Design pdf v1.1 page 17:

VCC can be used as the power supply for RTC domain when its power supply voltage is within the normal range, otherwise, V_BCKP will be used.

but the RTC domain current consumption value is not detailed anywhere, only in the standby mode chapter is mentioned that the MEMS + RTC keeps working during this mode and the battery backup circuit is shown

so, what is the RTC domain power consumption and why is the backup circuit shown in the standby mode?, should I enter in standby mode before enter in the battery backup mode to keep only the RTC domain power on?, in my test I left the module powered by the battery for three days and the battery voltage decresases from 2.7V to 0.83V, so I don´t know if this is an expected consumption

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Please refer to the latest hardware documentation in the attachment, and chapter 1.3 has detailed current parameters.

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Quectel_L26-DR_Hardware_Design_V1.3.pdf (656.2 KB)

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@Stone.Chen-Q Hi, I understand that 75uA is the power consumed in 1 hour right?

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This value is the average current over a certain period of time.

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