L26-DR ADR GNSS - how to disable $PSTMDRSENMSG message

Hi, I am using the $PSTMCFGMSGL command to enable/disable some messages, I only want the GPRMC and GPGGA, I use this message:


the module accepts those commands but I still receive the $PSTMDRSENMSG message, why?

I also use $PSTMGETPAR,1201 and $PSTMGETPAR,1228 to confirm the configuration and I get:

$PSTMSETPAR,1201,0x00000040 and PSTMSETPAR,1228,0x00000000

The current version does not support closing the $PSTMDRSENMSG message. The next version will support closing. It is planned to be released around June.

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So this new version already exists? If it does, where can I find it? It’s actually a problem to find any versions to upgrade the L26-DR, if you have a link to that I would be thankful!

Dear Sir

Sorry, there is no new official firmware released yet.

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Hi @Stone.Chen-Q any update about the firmware?, thanks

Hi @jg_spitfire ,

Please find the firmware via your private message.

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according to the doc in the new firmware the PSTMDRSENMSG now could be disabled, thanks

Hi, I am working with L26-DR module and I have problem with disabling $PSTMDRSENMSG please send new firmware

Hi Soheil_am,

May I ask your module is an ADR version or UDR version( ADR needs a vehicle speed injection but UDR doesn’t)?

Query version information via $PSTMGETPAR,1500

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Hello. Where can i get the firmware for L26DR that allows us to disable PSTMDRSENMSG messages? thanks

Hi Lbeylin,

Please query the firmware you currently use. Query version information by sending $PSTMGETPAR,1500

If you are using L26UDR-S89, PSTMDRSENMSG can’t be disabled.

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hello, thank you for the reply. we are using L26ADR-S89. We are currently running version L26ADRNR01A04V01.

Hi Lbeylin,

$PSTMSETPAR,1228,10000000,2 -->Disable PSTMSENMSG sensor message
$PSTMSAVEPAR → save parameter
$PSTMSRR → Reboot

$PSTMSETPAR,1228,10000000,1 -->Enable PSTMSENMSG sensor message
$PSTMSAVEPAR → save parameter
$PSTMSRR → Reboot

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