Keepalive timeout on BG96

Hi all,

We are using BG96 modem with FW version BG96MAR02A08M1G_01.015.01.015.
We would like to get error code 2 inside +QMTSTAT URC in case keepalive packet times out or cannot be sent.
If we set keepalive timeout to 30s and force a network breakdown:

  • as expected, the broker kicks out our client after 1 minute because of keepalive timeout,
  • the event +QMTSTAT: 0,2 happened only in trial #1 after 2 minutes since the broker kicked out our client,
  • in other trials, no +QMTSTAT: 0,2 event happened.

With an higher keepalive value (60s, 120s), no +QMTSTAT: 0,2 is received. Which is the modem strategy in notifying +QMTSTAT: 0,2? Without such a notification, we have an half connection (MQTT connection is still erroneously up on the client side) and we cannot trigger a reconnection procedure.

Please, any help about this topic is highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

Sorry for replying you so late. Have you solved your problem? If not, can you show me your AT instruction process?

What I noticed is that, if the keepalive message cannot be sent by the modem in case of cellular coverage lack, the +QMTSTAT: 0,2 URC is not triggered until the connectivity is recovered. Is this a normal behaviour? I would expect to be notified by the modem of a missing delivery of keepalive packet as soon as it happens, regardless of current network status.

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