Keepalive on BG95M to detect broken connection?


if I configured tcp keepalive on a BG95 and this is not answered by the communication partner, is that “visible” somewhere? Like Unsolicited Result Code or so ?

We use BG95 with a microcontroller. The controller establishes a TCP connection to the server. Messages are only transmitted sporadically on this connection, but the connection must remain open because the controller must be able to react to incoming messages at any time. In this way, the controller only notices a broken TCP connection when it has to send the next message. With a periodic keepalive, the connection abort would be recognized much more quickly.
To do this, however, the microcontroller would have to be informed that it can initiate the reestablishment of the connection ?

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Hello Andreas,

There will be output URC +QIURC: “closed” connect_id when connection closed by per network.

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