Jump of MC60 to MC60E

i use of MC60 for GSM, GPRS, GNSS, and other unit.
for control MC60 useed of mcu STM32.(not use of opencpu)
and in MC60 not used of UFS & SD card units .

now needed to bluetooth 4 with Low Energy (BLE 4.0).
can i change MC60 to MC60E without any change in program?

The use of this product is for mass and commercial production.
Please help me not to face problems in mass production and not to go bankrupt.

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This you need to pay attention to the way to modify, MC60 and MC60E are different modules, their hardware and firmware are different. You need the whole replacement.

If you switch from an MC60 to an MC60E, your stm32 will need to send AT commands to the MC60E in order to use ble, so your stm32 program will have to change as well

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Thank you for the reply
I searched for MC60E hardware but only find MC60.
Please send me the MC60E hardware document link.
and if need i upgrade MC60E to latest firmware please send to me one link for download latest firmware MC60E.