JSONPOST using ArduinoJSON library

Hello all,
I am facing an issue while I am sending the HTTP_POST using ArduinoJSON library, that is wherever it is encountering any floating numbers inside JSON format it is splitting from then onwards.
for example :: In code I used
StaticJsonDocument<256> doc;
JsonObject root = doc.to();
root[“status”] = “on”;
JsonArray levels = root.createNestedArray(“levels”);
int b = serializeJsonPretty(root, Serial);

And output I got is::
“status”: “on”,
“levels”: [
}:, {
“status”: “on”,
“levels”: [
}:, 78,
I am getting output correctly if I am not using any float variables, Please any Correct advice for this problem to sort out

Could you tell me the software version of the module?(Please use ATI to check)
In addition, could you please send us the screenshots of the specific AT steps?

Hello Winnie,
Thanku for the reply,

So, I have uploaded the commands that I am using while sending my data to the server which is in JSON format using ArduinoJSON library

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Could you please help to check the issue of BG96 module?Thank you in advance.

For BG96 http post body data , we deal with it as a “string” only . from the module side , We don’t do forced data type conversions

for more support ,pls reach to support@quectel.com

But Even if i convert the floating value into string while sending to the server using String()(the function used in Arduino IDE) , I am facing the same issue

how about you send this string via PC .not via BG96 ?

for BG96 httppost , we do transparent transmission only

Sorry…can you please elobarate your point