Jio SIM is not getting network with Quectel EC20

I am using Quectel EC20 (CE) in which If I connect other operators like Airtel, Vi they are getting connected and it dialling with wvdial but when I am using Jio SIM it’s not getting network but while I checked with other modems the Jio SIM is getting network and connecting to the internet also.
Please let me know how to resolve it.

Hi Saurabn_Roy
It may be because of the APN problem, please check what is the APN used by jio, and then use the at command to modify it, AT+CGDCONT=[,<PDP_type>[

Best wishes

Thankyou @FelixCheng-Q
But here I can see that AT+COPS? is giving me 0 response ,In other SIM I am getting Operator name .

AT+COPS=? giving me this response

Hi @Saurabh_Roy,

I was also facing the same issue but when I upgraded the firmware and added some related LTE files then the issue was resolved for me. You can try updating the firmware files it should help


thankyou @MaazSk
Where can I get the updated firmware?

Hi MaazSK
Where did you get the module? Please get the latest firmware from the module section
Best wishes

Hi FlixCheng,

I purchased the module from one of your authorized dealers and they supported me in resolving this issue


Hi @Saurabh_Roy,
You can find the updated firmware here.

They were discussing how to get updated EC-20 firmware.


Thankyou @MaazSk ,I will check with new firmware

@MaazSk This link is already deleted ,Do you have any other link