Issues while configuring ec200u module

I’m using the EC200U module on my custom board, which is based on the NXP RT1170 microcontroller, and I’m using MCUXpresso as my IDE. The diagram below represents my hardware design.

In my program, I am creating a pulse in order to turn on the module. The following commands are used:

GPIO_WritePinOutput(GPIO3, 22, 1U);


GPIO_WritePinOutput(GPIO3, 22, 0U);

This will create a delay of more than 2 seconds, as referenced in the datasheet

Next, I am transferring the ‘AT’ command through UART, and as a result, I should receive ‘OK’, right? However, I’m not receiving anything. Where might I be making a mistake? Do I need to configure anything else using AT commands before sending just the ‘AT’ command?

Hi @Sajith_P,
Yes, you should receive “OK” after transferring “AT” through MAIN UART. The AT function is enabled by default and you don’t have to manually configure anything.
Please make sure the baud rate is at 115200, others may not work.