Issues in read SMS from quectel EC25-E 4G Modem

I am using EC25-E 4G modem. I am using it with MiniPcie-EVB v2.2 Kit.
It has USB serial interface with my development board.
I am not able to read SMS from board.
I am giving following command to read SMS

But I don’t get anything,

Related to this I do have following queries

  1. What are minimum setting need to do to read SMS
  2. What are command sequence to read SMS
  3. I want interrupt/ notification on SMS receive, how shall I implement this

I am using 4G enabled JIO card on modem.
I am wiring my code in Linux OS in C language

“AT+CPMS?” gives the following response
+CPMS: “ME”,0,255,“ME”,0,255,“ME”,0,255


Request you to help

Hello vivek_patil, thanks for your question
Before querying, please confirm that your SMS has been sent successfully, and then use AT+CMGR to read the SMS. It is worth noting that JIO does not support NAS SMS, you need to enable the VoLTE function to send SMS, thank you.