Issue with I2C Protocol in MC60


We are using MC60 nodule in our development with open CPU.
According to Quctel_MC60_Open _CPU guide We have implemented I2C protocol.
We successfully read ID of I2C device but we facing issue with read/write operation.
Please provide us example of I2c so we can easily understand RIL API of I2C protocol.

Thanks in advance.

@sam_dk38You can refer to the example_iic.c file in the example folder in the SDK to write user application cod.

you must pay attention to iic_write or iic_read description in ql_iic.h
in description, there is one sentence that can make difficult working iic. this sentence is : if IICtype=1 ,1<len<8 . because our IIC contronller at most support 8 bytes for one time transaction