Issue on Quectel EC25-E module on Qualcomm board regarding LTE

Does Quectel LTE module works on QCS605 with Android 8 platform? We are facing problem to bring up LTE on that board.

Dear Mayur4,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.Please check the following roadmap of Quectel smart module, the module can support Android 7 at least. You can choose one according to your application. Thanks!

For LTE module, we just use Qualcomm 9X07 platform.Thanks!

We have RIL library v2.5.9 provided by Quectel. We are using EC25-E EVM on QCS605 SBC. This version of RIL is not working. Do we need to do any configuartion change on it. We are not able to access the mobile data settings.

Dear Mayur4,
In addition to the integrate the RIL driver to your source code, you also should modify some settings, please check the following comments.

1.set the default preferred network to 4G.
The default preferred network of Android is 3G, but our module is 4G module, so we change the default setting of Android to 4G.
Take Android 5.0 as an example:

2.modify the Settings menu to display 4G options
Settings->WIRELESS & NETWORKS -> More…->Mobile Networks-> set the preferred network…
The corresponding is
Modified file is packages/services/Telephony/res/values/config.xml
set config_prefer_2g as true,default is true
set config_enabled_lte as true,default is false
The default preferred network is 4G.
Modfiy the file frameworks/base/telephony/java/com/android/internal/telephony/


  1. change to get the preferred network from the Settings instead of the fixed RILConstants.PREFERRED_NETWORK_MODE
    Part of the android code is already there, please double check.

This all settings we did then also RIL is not working properly

Dear Mayur4,
If that it is better to provide the debug log to confirm the reason. And it is better to contact our local FAE to confirm the root reason. Thanks!

I am struggling to get internet working with Android 9 - did you get it working for your board?