Issue on M66 modem

issues on M66 modem

  1. we got “ERROR” on the command AT+QIACT for vA2123 HW and M66R01A12 firmware, no problem if using vA2124 HW with same firmware version .
  1. I was noted that a fresh M66 doesn’t send URCs on power up/down until the command AT&W (more exactly, I send the multicommand string “ATV1X0;+IPR=115200;+IFC=0,0;&W”). How does this command affect URC?

  2. If VDD_EXT (pin 24 of M66) is UP, does this mean M66 is fully initialized and ready for all operations?

  1. It should not relate to the firmware version. Here are the scenarios of +QIACT returns error:
    a). Network registration is not ready. Use AT+CGERG to check registration status first.
    b). Duplicated activation. If PDP context has already been activated, you would get ERROR if you send AT+QIACT to activate again. Please check AT+CGPADDR to see whether the PDP conetxt has already been activated.
    c). Incorrect APN. Please check conetxt profile for both A2123 and A2124. Command: AT+CGDCONT?

  2. M66 module is set to autobauding mode (AT+IPR=0) by default. In the autobauding mode, URC ―RDY and POWERED DOWN will not be reported to the host controller after module is powered on/off.
    When you set a fix value like AT+IPR=115200:&W, then you would see the URCs on power on/off.

  3. Yes, you can treat it as that. But some application fucntion could still under intializing.