Is there VoLTE in BG96?

According to specifications, the Quectel BG96 module has VoLTE over Cat-M1. Have someone tested that already? We (Telia Company) are about to ramp it up in the near (?) future but testing is still ongoing. It would be excellent to be able to use BG96 for that.

If VoLTE is already implemented in BG96 how it is used? I guess something like this:

  1. Connect the device to Cat-M1 network
  2. Enable VolTE with AT commands
  3. do settings (context etc.) for VoLTE by using AT commands
  4. Normal Call functionality (?)
  • JaniVu / Telia

Dear Janivu ,

pls use the below step and test with Row commerial MBN first ,

  1. Prepare the SIM card that supports Volte function.
  2. Please import MBN files to the module. If there is no matched MBN file, you can use default MBN to try.
  3. Run AT+QMBNCFG=”select”,<ROW_Commercial> to select the default MBN file
  4. Run AT+QCFG=“ims”,1
  5. Run AT+CFUN=1,1 to reboot the module.
    6 ATD1972890****

if it does not work , you need to upload new MBN file for your operator configuration .

Thanks for the good instructions!
It was decided however that Telia will not enable Volte yet in its network in Finland for Cat-M1. There are multiple reasons for this but I can’t open that due to information confidentiality :frowning:

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would also like to know if BG96 support voice call

Hi Policeman ,

BG96 does not support voice call , if you need to setup volte , you have to use volte .