Is there is any firmware upgrade needed for LTE EC21 module or not?

I am new to this EC21 Module.
Is there any need to upgrade firmware of EC21 LTE module and DFOTA used for upgrade firmware for EC21 itself or for MCU connect through it.

Thank you

Hello Abhay,

You could start debugging directly. Of cause, if you want to test upgrading or DFOTA procedure, you can do that.
For upgrading firmware we provide flash tool for Windows and Linux. For DFOTA, please tell us your current firmware and target firmware, we’ll make the delta image.

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Hi WillieYao
I am asking, Is DFOTA used for upgrading firmware of EC21 LTE module or it is used for upgrading the firmware of MCU connected through LTE module?

Hi Abhay,

DFOTA is used for upgrading firmware for EC21 module.

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Hi WillieYao
Thank you for your support
It is necessary to upgrade the firmware of LTE module or we can just modify the commands in MCU firmware?

Hi Abhay,

DFOTA itself is AT command method. You can just modify commands in MCU firmware to execute DFOTA.
And DFOTA not the only way to upgrade firmware. There’s USB flashing method with using flash tool.

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Thanks for your reply.
Can we send AT commands to LTE module via UART ptotocol through MCU?

You’re welcome.
Can we send AT commands to LTE module via UART ptotocol through MCU? =>Yes.
Here si the document link for your reference.

thanks for your reply

So if I can send AT commands via UART then there is any need to upgrade firmware?
or we can proceed without LTE firmware upgrade?

No need. With UART port connected, then you can strat your test directly.
No matter you upgrading firmware or not, it doesn’t effect your setup and debugging. Module itself has firmware flashed already.

@WillieYao-Q Is there some public FTP/HTTP site where the firmware has already been installed making it unnecessary to have your own FTP server to DFOTA the firmware ?
Why doesn’t Quectel provide a facility anyway ? Even if its a problem doing that inside China, surely you could put the firmware on Github for customers to access ?

In any case DFOTA using 4G network for me is a remote possibility, since I find that many of the AT Commands that are wrapped up by the MCU firmware do not seem to work properly. The Seeed firmware seems to be based on some old version of the AT Command set.
I am having to perform bug fixing on the firmware, and its not a lot of fun at all.

The MCU On the Wio LTE device that I have has a SD Card filesystem installed, is there a way to utilize that to load the firmware update ? For example:

  1. put SD card into PC, and copy the Firmware update file onto it.
  2. install SD card into device
  3. Use AT Command to load Update from SD Card into EC21 via serial port.