Is there a way to safe shutdown not write to non-volatile memory on EC25?

Is there a way to safe shutdown not write to non-volatile memory on EC25?
I worry to module lifespan, but I want to save electricity consumption.

You can write or save your files to the module’s UFS (file system)
Quectel_LTE_Standard_FILE_应用指导_V1.0.pdf (440.5 KB)

I heard by our agency, EC25 write non-volatile memory when shutdown.
That’s why, module’s file system crash by shutdown about 100,000 times.

Can I solve this probrem by the way that you told me?
Sorry for my bad English.

Yes, non-volatile storage like Flash has a lifetime and a certain number of erasures, so if you don’t erase files or data frequently, you can store it in non-volatile storage.

Hi Kei,
I’m also an EC25 user in Japan and I have the same problem.
Since an IoT device of my company is driven by solar power with a rechargeable battery, it repeats power up & down EC25 module every 5 minutes for power-saving (meaning 105,120 times power off by AT+QPOWD in 1 year). After 1 year passed, many of the EC25 modules began to be broken. Although they are found by a Linux system as a tty device, some of registered data (such as AT+CGDCONT) are initialized or some device returns no reply to AT commands. We also have another IoT device, which is always kept the power on and therefore consumes much more power but doesn’t show such kind of problem.
The import agency didn’t tell us the fact until I asked about this problem. They recommended us to use the EC25 module kept power on, so we have to replace the broken devices with its power modules…
For your info, thank you.