Is the Quectel rm502q-ae capable of carrier aggregating two 5G bands in NSA mode?

Does it support combining something like this?
Band 3 LTE + Band 41n + Band 78n


Ye, would be nice to have a response.
All we know is, with R13A02 firmware, it should support TDD+TDD bands aggregation, but we don’t know yet if on 5G SA only or what, also what combination.

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Hi Semsem:
RM502QAE our current equipment only supports the following 2NR CA combinations.

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Hello, i don’t get the set0 max 100mhz set 1 max 60 mhz, what does it mean?
So basically B1 B3 N78 N78? does it work?
Also can you show the 2 NR CA for RG502Q-EA please?

Hello @Keane-Q the screenshot you attached is incomplete, it mentions areas highlighted in yellow which aren’t present could you please sent the whole document?

Hi Josh,Stiel

Quectel_RM50xQ_Series_CA& (340.7 KB)

Thank you.
Can you share RG502Q-EA as well please?

Quectel_RG50xQ_Series_CA& (335.1 KB)

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This one is old, and doesnt state if SA is supported on RG502.
Can you share latest combos for Rg502 please, or at least write which 4lte + 2 NRCA combo are usable with R13A02, and which 2 SA combo.

Hi Stiel:

This is the latest version of the documentation.

Hello, can i have latest Quectel_RG50xQ_Series_CA&EN-DC_Features pdf please?