Is Quectel RM500Q-GL compatible with italian provider WINDTRE?

Trying to connect with the above module but it seems to be unable to join the network.
Just for confirmation that there is no operator lock in the module.


Auto-quoting myself. It is, it was a OS issue.

yes, we don’t lock the operator, RM500Q-GL can be used all over the world.

Did you managed to connect to 5G in Italy on Wind3? What city?

Hello Maciej, i will check with our Italy colleague, later i will back to reply,thanks!

no 5G services where I live, only 4CA LTE-A

Hello Maciey, i just confirmed with our Italy local FAE, for sure RM/RG500Q have been tested on Wind3 network in Rome.

You may want to check this post:

then on the Italian wind network it works, has someone tested that everything works with mikrotik and router os?
Type on RBM33G or on LHGG (With attached m2 to mpcie adapter).

yes. works fine. but I use an external m.2 to usb enclosure.

ciao, scusa per il disturbo…utilizzi rm500qgl nell’rbm33g?

no, I use the external usb port

Okay thanks… do you know if it works directly on the Rbm33g with mpcie adapter?

We have customer who use mt7621 to interact with RM500Q through usb interface. Only for your reference,thanks!

i can say that is confirmed that the module works really fine with the rbm33g board using m.2 to mpcie adapter!