Is it possible to use eSIM with the BC660K-GL module?

I would like to know if it is possible to use eSIM external to the BC660K-GL module?

I plan to use the component with my BC660K-GL modem.

This eSIM is compatible with the GSMA Remote Provisioning specifications (SGP.01 RSP v1.1 ; SGP.11 RSP v3.1 & 3.2; SGP.14 eUICC PKI v1.1 ; SAS-SM).

- Which BC660K-GL AT commands do I use for remote provisioning?
- What is the AT command flow I must follow to use this eSIM?

Do you plan to place eSIM inside the module or on the circuit board?

On the circuit board.

This requirement is satisfied, you should refer to the universal SIM card design

Thanks @herbert.pan-Q ,

But which AT commands do I use for remote provisioning? I couldn’t find anything in the AT command manuals about the eSIM provisioning process.

My local MNO, said that he will provide me with a QR code with the address of the SM-DP+ that my device should access to download the profile. The QR contains the SM+DP+ link to download the profile.

But how do I insert the SM-DP+ link into my BC660K-GL module? Which AT command should I use? Could you explain this provisioning flow on the modem side? Considering that I have the SM-DP+ address given to me by the MNO.

Sorry, the module cannot configure SIM card through AT Command. Please contact eSIM provider to burn relevant information and permissions in advance