Is it possible to use EC25-E as an ethernet device on android device?

I’m currently testing EC25-E module with my android device.
Android version of my device is 5.0.2(Lollipop) and kernel version is 3.4.39.

I want to use EC25-E as an ethenet device without using RIL.
First of all, I want to know whether it is possible or not.

I tried various things as described in the guide document{V1.8), but the dhcp operation is not working.
Only sending and receiving at commands through the ttyUSB port has been confirmed.

Thank you.

Dear Sunhwan,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
For your issue, it is better to provide your test log to show your issue.
If you use Android OS, but do not use RIL, i do not know how to control the module via Android APP ? Normally, you should use RIL in Android OS.Thanks!
Please do not worry about it, we can provide the RIL file to you. Thanks!

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So far, when connecting usb modem to the android device, I was used RNDIS driver by enabling CONFIG_USB_NET_RNDIS_HOST kernel config.
However, EC25-E was not recognized as a device by rndis enabling…
The device was recognized by the qmi-wwan driver through modification by referring to the guide document, but the IP is not assigned through dhcp execution.

The picture below shows the kernel log and Android log when the modem is plugged into my device.



kernel config CONFIG_USB_SERIAL_OPTION was activated to check the at command.
So, it was confirmed that it works normally through the ttyUSB* device.

If you use RNDIS driver, the module also should change the setting, please use the following command to change it to RNDIS mode, then you can go on your test. Thanks!

Unfortunately, the response to the command at+qcfg=“usbnet”,3 returns an ERROR as like below.

Any idea to go on a next step?

Thank you.

I thought that the only possible values for EC25 were 0 and 1, QMI and ECM. Am I wrong?

+QCFG: "usbnet",<0-4>

Please check whether you enter the right command. Thanks!
It should be AT+QCFG=“usbnet”,3. Thanks!

At first I sent the wrong command(at+gcfg=“usbnet”, 3),
But I knew the spell was wrong and sent the correct command(at+qcfg=“usbnet”, 3) again.

please check above picture once again.

Thank you.

Don’t copy paste the command, type the command manually and use the right double quotes.
It is hard to see the difference but @Kyson not used a code block when posted and quotes in his example are wrong.

@Kyson, could you please provide explanations for all the values <0-4> ?

Please check the following picture of the explanation to the command. And 4 is reserved value, you do not need to care about it. Thanks!

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Thank you!
Please note the mistake in the text - it should be RNDIS instead of RNIDS

Good! You spotted that one :smiley:

at+qcfg=“usbnet” does not working.

Also, I couldn’t find at+qcfg=“usbnet” in Quectel_EC25&EC21_AT_Commands_Manual_V1.3.pdf
Isn’t the document which I have the latest?

Quectel_EC25&EC21_AT_Commands_Manual_V1.3.pdf (1.3 MB)

Please check the following test log in my side. The command have no any issue, and module can support it. Please double check whether you use write input method of the character. Thanks!

all command is working normally except at+qcfg=“usbnet”

Revision string of response is a little bit different.
(Mine: EC25EUGAR06A03M4G, Yours:EC25EFAR06A03M4G)

If that, you can try to upgrade the firmware to the latest version to have a try. You can email to to get the firmware package and upgrade tool. Thanks!

Is EC25EFAR06A03M4G newer than EC25EUGAR06A03M4G?
If you make sure that the EC25EUGAR06A03M4G FW does not support mode change, but the EC25EFAR06A03M4G FW does support mode change, if so, I will try to get EC25EFAR06A03M4G FW.

Thank you.

they are for different modem variants, see

If you will send at+qcfg=? to your modem, will you see +QCFG: "usbnet" in the response?

Please check the following test log in my side, i use the same version to check the command, it is ok, have no any error information. So for your issue, it is better to check whether you enter the right correct command with the correct punctuation.
You can try the following method. Thanks!
echo -e " AT+QMBNCFG=“Deactivate” \r\n" > /dev/ttyUSB2

Enclosing double quotes with single quotes works normally.

I can go to the next step.
If I have any questions, ask you again.

Many thanks for your help.