Is it possible to send and receive SMS in PPP mode?

Hello I’m using a BG96 (or a EC21 in another project) modem in PPP mode to communicate with some servers.
Is it possible to use SMS without change to command mode?

I know that switching to command mode to send an SMS could be simple but I don’t know any way to receive it. The manual said that de incoming SMS could be stored into the module and writing some code to manage it could be a solution.


Does the EC21 connect with the CPU with USB or Uart?
If you use usb, ttyUSB3 for ppp and ttyUSB2 for sending and receiving SMS. The ppp won’t take effect on SMS service.
If you use main Uart , you need implement the CMUX feature.

Thanks Bean.
I will implement the CMUX operation because i’m using an uart connection.