Is it possible to scan nearby base station (BC260Y)


I want to scan all nearby NB-IOT base stations for geolocation. The closest command I can find is QENG which return information of the connected base station. But I cannot find a suited AT-command for scanning all BS’s.

Thank you in advance.

NB network is not suitable for the requirements of base station positioning

Thank you for your prompt reply. Is the 4G network a suitable alternative for base station positioning while the NB network is not suitable? Could you please suggest a model that can perform base station positioning using 4G network as power efficient as possible? Our product requirement is to perform indoor positioning(using base station) with a battery-powered portable device.

Indoor positioning uses the base station positioning method. I think the positioning accuracy is very poor. I suggest you choose a CAT1 module that supports WIFI SCAN, such as EG800Q