Is it possible to install OS over Quectel 4G-NB-IoT Modules?

Hello Community,

I would like to install any OS with minimal functionality on the Quectel 4G-NB-IoT module (BG-96, BG-95-M3).
Will those modules support this features?

If yes,

  1. Which OS should we preffer? (ANDROID, LINUX, Any Other).
  2. What are the advatages/disadvantages of installing OS on the LTE Module?

Will you please help me to know more about this?

Shiv Patil.

Hi shiv ,

BG96/ BG95 support ThreadX os only .

cause all high level protocol and APP has been developed with Thread X . thanks

hello stephen,

As per my knowledge, Quectel uses the Qualcomm processors for most of the 4G modules of BG series.
I have studied the qualcomm processor’s specifications they are supporting both the Thread x & The Linux OS.

You will find the details here.
MDM9206 IoT Modem

So I would like to know, Dose Quectel supports Linux OS for their 4G Modules?
If Yes, how can I do that?

dear shiv ,

with MDM9206 platform( Narrow band LTE module) , Quectel support threadX OS only.

with MDM9207 platform( standard LTE module , Quectel support linux os .