Is it possible that only some parts of the MC60 module will be damaged during overvoltage?

Hello friends.
I mistakenly applied 5V to the MC60 module, while programming it. The module was successfully programmed, but after that, the LED connected to the NETLIGHT pin did not light up. On the other hand, I can’t see the debug messages that are sent through the uart properly and I see meaningless expressions. The codes have no problems and the debug messages are correctly seen on the other module. Is it possible that the module was damaged due to the application of a few moments of overvoltage? If the UART part is damaged then why can I still program the module?

Thanks in advance.

5v voltage should not damage the module, you can not get the log may be because the catcher tool Settings are wrong, you can use qcom to open the debug port, observe whether there is garbled characters, baud rate set 46800,