Is it possible Output the received data through UART directly in SSL TCP?

Is there any chance that in SSL TCP connection we can receive TCP/IP Data through UART directly?
In TCP mode without SSL we can set AT+QINDI=0 to received data through UART directly, but it doesn’t work for SSL connections.
+QSSLURC: “recv”, notifies that there are data in the buffer. If the buffer is not empty no notification is shown.
My main problem is that I cant continuously send AT+QSSLRECV to see if there are new data in the buffer and if I miss the first “+QSSLURC: “recv”” notification I will not know if there is new incoming data.


If my modem response on AT+QSSLOPEN=? with +QSSLOPEN: ssid, ctxindex, ipaddr/domainname, port, connectmode, imeout which doesn’t contain access_mode. Does this mean that the modem doesn’t support Direct push mode?

Please provide the module model you use, so that I can check it. Depending on your description, the module may not support direct speech mode.