Is EC21-J peak current below 1.5A?


I’m re-designing EC21-J PCB.
The power is supplied via
USB wall adapter 5V3A → DCDC (ISL8002IRZ-T : buck converter 2A) → EC21-J
The power regulator originally used was rated 2A, but it’s now difficult to source, so I’m searching for alternative (pin-to-pin compatible).
I found one (ISL80020FRZ-T7A) from Renesas, but the current rating is 1.5A.
I’d like to know if 1.5A DCDC is acceptable or not.

From the datasheet of EC21-J, there’s two description about supply current.
Quectel_EC21_Hardware_Design_V1.5.pdf (1.2 MB)

  • Table 32: Power Supply Ratings - Maximum power control level on GSM900 : max 2.0A
  • Table 39: EC21-J Current Consumption : below 800mA

In my understanding, EC21-J used in Japan doesn’t support GSM fallback, so the peak current is below 1A, thus the 1.5A DCDC is acceptable.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,

Can anybody help me?