Is "BC660K-GL_QuecOpen_NB5_SDK_V1.0" the latest SDK for BC660K?

Is “BC660K-GL_QuecOpen_NB5_SDK_V1.0” the latest SDK for BC660K?

If not, can someone please point me to the latest SDK?


Yes, this is the latest version of the SDK

Is there any feed where you post an announcement when a new version of the QuecOpen SDK is released?
It would be great be able to check what the lastet version is or even get notified, without having to regularily ask.


We generally do not issue announcements. If we do not meet your needs at present, please timely communicate and put forward your requirements

Hello, could you please provide the most recent SDK version for the BC660K?

I have sent it to your email,pls check

How can I have access to the SDK? We are starting to develop an IoT project based on BC660K.


We are also in need of the SDK to evaluate the BC660K.

I have sent it to your email,pls check

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I have sent it to your email,pls check

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Thank you so much @herbert.pan-Q!

Please could you send us the last SDK release for bc660k module evaluation?
Thank you.

I have sent it to your email,pls check

Thank you very much.

BC660K-GL_QuecOpen_NB5_SDK_V1.1\PLAT\doc\03 Hardware

Thank you. I did not see it!! Sorry.
One last thing: is Bc660k-gl QuecOpen module the same as Bc660k-gl “normal” module? I bought a many of the seconds last year… And I would use them alone, without an external mcu…

For the normal version, refer to the normal documentation

But I mean, could it be possible to program normal version modules with quecopen SDK, in order to use them standalone, without an external mpu? Or the quecopen models are hardware different from normal ones?

The hardware is exactly the same, but it may be different if GPIO is used

OK. Thank you. I will try to do some trials and learn to use quecopen…