Is BC66 still Active and when is its end of life projected?

We are looking at selecting BC66 & BC66-NA for our NB-IoT requirements and would like to know if BC66 & BC66-NA is still active in production?

If its advised for newer designs, since the latest module BC660K is still not certified for JATE/TELEC.

I suggest you use BC660K, although both BC66 and BC660K are in continuous production at present;
BC66 and BC660K is still not certified for JATE/TELEC.

Hello Herbert,
Thanks for quick reply,
I understand that Quectel suggests BC660K, as per the datasheet of BC66, it is JATE/TELEC certified, whereas BC660K is not.

Unfortunately, we can’t select BC660K without proper certification unless the certification is being planned in the upcoming months.

Are there any other NB-IoT-only modules (NB2) that are JATE/TELEC certified and in production?

If you plan to use BC660K, you should communicate with the sales, and we can apply for JATE/TELEC certification later