IPPT and DNS on RM520N-GL

Your 5g provider needs to provide you with a public IP. Most of them will only provide an internal network IP.
For me it was the case. I was lucky enough that when I called them, they were able to attribute me a public IP for no extra cost…

btw, this was the command that worked for me:

You should read the manual before sending any commands that you don’t fully understand. The documentation is pretty good.

Hi bro, you should also read the commands and understand what command really do. By putting FF as mac address, modem will accept any mac as WAN gateway of your router. It’s better to bind the modem to your router actual WAN MAC address which for example it’s 90:09:…….
My sample works without any issue since last week which I purchased my module and I’m happy with.

This is obvious for anyone who understands what is IPPT and Bridge mode
You must have Public IP from your ISP and then go for either IPPT or Bridge mode, else you will stuck in back of CGNAT

I did not mean to say you don’t understand. I just meant the documentation is a life saver and we should reference it more than the forum itself. Anyway, I am glad your modem works as you wanted. RTFM all the way. Good weekend bro.

:saluting_face: :peace_symbol: got it bro, misunderstanding

On my RM520N-GL, I was able to get IPPT to work using the following commands:







If you set the “IPPT_nat” to zero, then there is no need for "XX:XX: in “mpdn_rule” bro
It will work in both scenarios :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the extra information.

However, I have tried most if not all of these commands with my modem and still get the NAT ip from the modem. Maybe it is the older firmware I am using - version RM520NGLAAR01A07M4G_01.203.01.203

I have got a newer version A08 but won’t have the chance to flash it for at least two weeks…


Surely it’s better to get the CGNAT ip address from your provider, rather then double nat from the modem and an external router?

CGNAT doesn’t have any relation with double nat bro. You can’t escape double nat if you don’t have public IP. :blush:

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How so? Why can’t you turn off the NAT in the module and only have carrier imposed NAT?

You never get Double nat from ISP when using your router and have a NAT on it. You just need to port forward on your router to open your desired ports. You can put your server on your router DMZ as well
IPPT/Bridge mode is used only when you have a public IP
You may lose internet connectivity if you enable IPPT on CGNAT when ISP pool is changing.

Did anyone here successfully tried to passthrough public IPV6?

My current config is this:

AT+QETH="ipptmac",XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX (where XX is my actual WAN MAC)

It works and I can receive public IPV4 from my modem, however, theres no WAN IPV6 even though I can see it being assigned on my modem (AT+CGCONTRDP=1)


also works for me but I disabled it since the IPV6 wasn’t also working so I tried RGMII mode and sticked with it for now.

@Rus please start a separate topic about IPv6.