Interfacing nrf52 DK with QUctel EC20 EVB

Hai I’m trying to interface nrf52 DK with Quectel EC20 EVB, When I tried with Arduino I gave the Arduino RX TX to TXD_3V and RXD_3V test points and it worked fine I was able send data to server, get GPS vales and everything. When I tried the same with nrf52 DK I’m not able to get the reply from EVB, I know EVB has a level translator but should I use one externally kindly give some guidance or suggestion

Hello Arun, thanks for your question
You can first confirm whether your TX and RX are connected reversely. As for level conversion, you can check the voltage of NRF52 DK to decide whether to use level conversion chip, our module level is 1.8V, thank you.