Interfacing BG96 With NRF52840

I’m new to BG96 modems, I’m working on a new project, the goal is to communicate the NRF52840 with the BG96 Modem via USART communication.

The modem does not respond to my ATI command, I have no response at all, but on the other hand I am sure that the UART communication software works because I tested it with an FTDI, NRF52 and PC, it works good for sending and receiving msg.

I also tested the sending of AT commands with the QCOM tool and it works well and for information I configured the voltage of the GPIOs at 1.8V and I checked the measurements with a multimeter.

Do you have examples and also ideas and examples of applications especially for the nRF52 and BG96.

Thanks a lot

As you said , You have test PC to NRF52 and PC to BG96 both , so the two module is ok ,

pls pay more attention to the below items:

1, BLE module should be share GND with BG96
2. you should define UART parameter between BG96 and BLE , like Baudrate / flow control / stop bit / port number and so on

good luck , in fect it is UART communication case , not related with BG96