Integrting C-V2X sdk from quectel with kernel 5.4

I am trying to interate C-V2X sdk for AG55XQ module with kernel 5.4 for some platform.
I am not able to populate data_rmnet14 and data_rmnet15 after

systemctl start QCMAP_ConnectionManagerd as suggeted in document I am getting below logs can you please check ?

root@ls1043ardb:~# systemctl restart QCMAP_ConnectionManagerd
[ 123.162094] QCMAP:sigHandler Entry for pid:626, tid:626, ppid:1
[ 123.171173] QCMAP:sigHandler Handle Disable for main thread
[ 123.185411] QCMAP_ConnectionManager deleted
[ 123.192968] QCMAP:sigHandler Cleanup done. exit0
root@ls1043ardb:~# [ 123.222014] QCMAP:Start Main
[ 123.290568] QCMAP:GSB disabled
[ 123.296556] QCMAP:N79 is not enabled
[ 123.308415] QCMAP:Init Complete
[ 123.314923] QCMAP:Netlink Query to Kernel Failed 88
[ 123.322941] QCMAP: DSI Init Callback Received


Which document you are referring to?
Please provide more details about “not able to populate data_rmnet14 and data_rmnet15”