Integrating fingerprint module to SC20

Hi All,
I want to integrate a fingerprint sensor to SC20.Do any one have idea about integrating bio metric sensor to SC20.

yes, we can do that. it will be better that you can tell me which sensor you want add to Sc20.

Hi jax,
I want to integrate Aratek A400M or you can suggest any other sensor

Hi Jax,
Any updates?

hi richucjalpy:
I am so sorry for miss you message.

I can’t find any information about your sensor.
But Quectel can help customer to integrate a fingerprint if you want.
Many customer use SPI to connect fingerprint sensor. You can do it first by yourself.
If you meet any problem, you can ask our for help.

Hi Jax,

It would be helpful if you can suggest me a fingerprint sensor.

sorry, We don’t have any records with this.

Hi Jax,
Ok,This is the module that we are planning to use
a400-m-fingerprint-module.pdf (254.5 KB)
which can be integrated using USB.
We need two USBs one for fingerprint sensor and another for general USB application.
Can we multiplex the USB line of SC20 for above two applications.Is there any risk in multiplexing.Since SC20 has only one USB.

why not use spi?

We checked the PIN mapping of SC20. The SPI pins are already used for other functions such Touch Panel and IIC interface. As of the present state best affordable way to connect the finger print scanner is USB. Please advice how to connect 2 usb at same time. One is for Fingerprint scanner and second application is USB dataport for development purpose.

you can add more devices on spi.
there are only one usb. Sc20 can’t be master and slave at same time.

Hi Jax,
Actually spi pin in sc20 are taken for i2C communication.
My doubt is that can we use same gpio pin for both i2c and spi communication?
In our custom board out of 3 spi lines in SC20, two of them are used for i2c and one is used as enable gpios.

There are 3 I2c and 1 SPI.
Default function of GPIO116-119 is SPI. So , you can connect you device to these pins

Hi jax,
We have purchased next biometrics NB-2023-S-UID Fingerprint Sensor Module
NB-2023-S-UID_Datasheet.pdf (534.2 KB)

Hi Jaz,
spi0 is enabled by default and I can see that.
Added following lines in /device/qcom/msm8909/ to configure spi device.As per vendor fingerprint sensor depends on the platform spidev driver.

these are the lines that i added

diff --git a/ b/

index 480acff…c0f748d 100755

— a/

+++ b/

@@ -252,3 +252,17 @@ on property:sys.omadm.restore=1

chown radio radio /data/user_de/0/

chown radio radio /data/user_de/0/

+#richu add boot_completed light 2020.02.28 spi fingerprint module

+on property:sys.boot_completed=1

  • write /sys/class/gpio/export 1009

  • write /sys/class/gpio/gpio1009/direction in

  • write /sys/class/gpio/gpio1009/value awake PIN

  • write /sys/class/gpio/export 927

  • write /sys/class/gpio/gpio927/direction out

  • write /sys/class/gpio/gpio927/value reset PIN

  • chmod 777 -R /dev/spidev0.0

  • chmod 777 -R /sys/class/gpio

  • chmod 777 -R /sys/class/gpio/gpio1009/direction

  • chmod 777 -R /sys/class/gpio/gpio1009/value

  • chmod 777 -R /sys/class/gpio/gpio927/direction

  • chmod 777 -R /sys/class/gpio/gpio927/value

NB:correct me if i am wrong

But unfortunately the spidev0 device node is not getting registered and can’t find spi device while opens application.

how to add spi device on spi bus?Please support

NB:please find the attached schematics(new).
document(2).pdf (342.5 KB)