Integrating EG25-G LTE Module with QCS605 LA Processor (BSP)


We are doing bring up activity for quectel EG25-G module with QCS605 LA,

But we are not aware about which application we need to run to communicate with network.

in QCS605 LE, it’s Yocto framework so we used to run quectel-ppp application to connect with network.
But the QCS605 LA, is android frame work and I don’t know which application we need to use and how to do. I have gone through the bit code and understood RIL driver can be used but Iam not sure about it. can you please help me to do this activity

Iam able to see the LTE module under USB host mode

console:/ # lsusb
Bus 001 Device 002: ID 2c7c:0125

Please Tell Me how to go further, are please share any user guide / specific Documents to get information

Hello quectel Team, please do needfull