Integrated EM120R-GL Module with Qualcomm Board

I integrate the EM120R-GL module with qualcomm board And I integrate through PCIe. So I Can know that the module model number accordingly have to change module PID and VID in driver code,
And if it should be change where will it have to be change?
And please provide Quectel PCIe and USB driver for Linux.

lspci :slight_smile:

VID 17cb
PID 0304

Kindly Please share me Quectel driver for Linux

I will send it by email.

And you will be able to tell in which file of the driver code the PID and VID should be set?

Please Provide USB Driver also.

I will send it tomorrow by email.

You can search it by yourself.

Can you Please Explain How to burn eFuse in Linux ?

Dear customer.

Switching from the usb version to the PCIe efuse version is irreversible, and is not open to customers, only for Quectel internal testing.
If you need PCIe only version, please contact the sales for the specified version.

I Have Successfully Init PCIE_MHI module but probe request does not The request of the probe is not marked So i can you please know me this is any configuration related problem like SDK24 , Particular model PID and VID