Install SDK to communicate with quectel AG15


I got one quectel AG15 chip, and i’m trying to communicate with it using the DART-MX8M board from variscite.
For that i am trying to integrate the sdk used to communicate with the chip in a yocto build.

For the build i have quectel_cv2x_sdk_23700_20190318.
From that folder i’m copying all the files in the patch 4.x to the yocto kernel used.
and create one yocto layer with all the files in the folder imx8_sdk with this bb file:

SUMMARY = “Simple helloworld application”
SECTION = “examples”
LIC_FILES_CHKSUM = “file://${COMMON_LICENSE_DIR}/MIT;md5=0835ade698e0bcf8506ecda2f7b4f302”

SRC_URI += “file://etc”
SRC_URI += “file://lib”
SRC_URI += “file://sbin”
SRC_URI += “file://usr”

do_install() {
install -d ${D}/etc
cp -r ${WORKDIR}/etc ${D}/etc
install -d ${D}/lib
cp -r ${WORKDIR}/lib ${D}/lib
install -d ${D}/sbin
cp -r ${WORKDIR}/sbin ${D}/sbin
install -d ${D}/usr
cp -r ${WORKDIR}/usr ${D}/usr

FILES_${PN} += “/etc”
FILES_${PN} += “/lib”
FILES_${PN} += “/sbin”
FILES_${PN} += “/usr”

because when i try to copy the folders to the root in a already build yocto OS, it don’t works.
Anyone knows whats the problem or anyway to install the sdk?


quectel AG15 SDK needs to use the recommended compiler;

Do you have more detail log ?

Hi Bingo

I have one AG15 module. I want to set up a Device to device communication between two AG15 kits. Is it mandatory to use DART-MX8M.

Can I do this using MDM9150 (which is inbuilt processor in the AG15)? I able to access MDM9150 but rmnet is not working for me. Do you have any idea how to access to do that?

If we have to use DART-MX8M - Do you have any document for DART-MX8M and AG15 connections?


I think ag15 can be used with DART-MX8M. Ag15 can connect to DART-MX8M via USB, and other necessary control pins such as PWRKEY should also be connected; the following is the architecture diagram for reference only:

AG15 is used to send v2x data;
AG35 is used to send LTE data and to run QDR;

Currently,the AG15 documents are not public, if you want to obtain more details documents , that need signed NDA with Quectel first, so you can email to Quectel local FAE or sales to get it.

Hi Bingo,

I have Google coral board at home which has iMx8M processor running on Mendel OS. Can i connect that with UMTS-KIT(AG15)?

If yes then that can solve my problem.

Gentle Reminder!

Could you please look at it.

hi Vidushi

Our SDK has not been ported to the operating system you mentioned;
We have only verified it in embedded Linux.
The following show is the directory of the SDK;

Hi bingo,

Google coral board has Mendel Linux OS which is running on imx8m processor:

In the above screenshot usb patch is given for 4.14.78 for imx8. But Mendel Linux OS has current version 4.14.98. Do we have any upgrade for that patch?

Let me revive this topic after two years, since I haven’t found any other topic near to mine.

I had successfully integrated in an imx6 board, over two years ago, but in the meantime we are requiring to integrate AG15 into a nvidia jetson, with kernel 4.9.253 (sdk binaries work since they are arm64), but I still dont see any activity on the dmesg during startup. The device is not yet communicating with the kernel. It is connected via mini PCIe (which worked well for other wireless devices).

Is there any newer version of the drivers/patches/sdk (other than 2019-11-26)?

Thank you