Information about EG25-G

Hi, i’m robert. I’d like to ask information about EG25-G.
i use it with raspbarry pi 4 and all funcition is very good. i’d like to power on raspbarry with sms, is it possible ?
the raspberry and the eg25-g are powered correctly, I would like to be able to remotely turn on the rasp with a sms

Hi fidel

You can send the sms to EG25-G, You can set GPIO to be high when receiving SMS messages. Turn on raspberry PI when a GPIO high level signal comes in.


sorry can you help me with a script python … or project for pi4

Sorry i can’t give you a script python. But you can use the example of LPM in our sdk as a reference. The path of sdk is ql-ol-sdk\ql-ol-extsdk\example\low_power_consume_app.