Information about EG25-G

Hi, i’m robert. I’d like to ask information about EG25-G.
i use it with raspbarry pi 4 and all funcition is very good. i’d like to power on raspbarry with sms, is it possible ?
the raspberry and the eg25-g are powered correctly, I would like to be able to remotely turn on the rasp with a sms

Hi fidel

You can send the sms to EG25-G, You can set GPIO to be high when receiving SMS messages. Turn on raspberry PI when a GPIO high level signal comes in.


sorry can you help me with a script python … or project for pi4

Sorry i can’t give you a script python. But you can use the example of LPM in our sdk as a reference. The path of sdk is ql-ol-sdk\ql-ol-extsdk\example\low_power_consume_app.

Hi, I’m roberto. I am a computer engineer. For pure fun I’m using raspberry cm4 and Pi4 with sixfab base with eg25-g quectel module. Raspberry pi4 er Cm4 and EG25-G communicate via uart serial port (rx and TX) The connection is fine and everything works fine when i use ssh, but when i open another process (for example firefox o scp )connectivity is very slow and sometimes the module gets stuck. Can you help me solve the problem?
I have another question, I would like to send a text message to the EG25-G module and be able to turn the Raspberry on and off, to date I have not found any solution. Can you help me on this?
Thanks a lot.
Best reguards Robert

Please refer to the following documents, I hope to solve your problem, thank you.
linux USB driver installation for raspberry OS (1).pdf (1.5 MB)

Hi felix cheng-q
I am trying to use PPP with quectel EG25-G and raspberry pi and it is working, when I try to upload a file to FTP server from raspberry pi, it is uploading very slow,

so i’d like tu use modem with serial port… uart is possible!?

i’m using EG25-G for data connection, is possible use on modul wireguard?